(Dedicated to my boys Mark Connor, Markus, Sean, Mesh, OJ, Dylan, Jerry Resser, Dylan, and Danny Noble)

Man, That’s a Bad Ass White Boy!!!”

Finally The Rock has come back…umm never mind, it’s been an Uncle Ruckus minute since I been able to hit this blog . This is no thanks to Mr. Flu bug putting me in the headlock. While I’ve been recouping, I got a chance to catch up on the second season of The Boondocks. I saw a clip that reminded me of the crew, the gang, the posse the squad I don’t know the new catch phrase for who ya hang with but I think about yall when I watch this.

More to the point, I had some boys who were always down, ready to roll, roll up someone, help you with some masking tape, carpet, pliers and a blow torch or simply just ready for whatever. No matter what, the craziest, the gulliest, the most IG-nant (not a typo) boys in the crew were my pecan brown skin challenged friendsDang I miss those cats man, Nyquil makes me get all emotional and nostalgic please take all my mistake for love

I ‘m outtie like sweet potato pie and my family reunion


O.k. O.k., I have regrouped and I think I am ooookay now.During the day Paris is great place to visit. I saw the three things I wanted to see which were The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre. I took the tour through the city I must admit Paris is beautiful city like Pam Grier, ageless and seems to be more beautiful as time passes. But at night— I was blown away with the look and feel of Nighttime Paris.It’s like being in Las Vegas without the “no clocks on the wall” gambling and having call girls trying to hit you up for some of jackpot after you went all in  2 and 6 suited and get called the other guys goes all in and he is sitting there with pocket Kings, you get a 7, 4 , 3 on the flop, the turn is K and the river is your 5, nahh girl you gets none of this, with them Lego constructed by products out my face—-Whew, I mean not that I know anything about. Honey!But back to the night life and the possible hot grits situation…Paris is breathtaking at night especially on the Champ de Elysees. It is one of the most recognizable avenues in Paris. Imagine Christmas all the time, The avenue was lit up, I was standing in the middle of the street trying to get a picture to show how far the Ave was lit up…amazing. I can not truly describe how amazing it is at night. The first few days we stayed a 5 minute walk from The Champ de Elysees. This is also were I saw many homeless as well but moving on the avenue is hoping. Every store you can think of seems to have a place there, you got Hugo Boss, You got Vutton, you got Cartier, and I can go on and on. The Champ de Elysees also affectionately call “The Ave” by yours truly seemed to bursting at the seams with people. Think how Black College Reunion weekend use to be in Daytona before the hotel price gouging, the closing of the most accessible bridges to the beach, making everyone drive all the way up to Ormond Beach to get on A1A just to drive back to Daytona…The Thursday night I was in Paris was like BCR 92, now imagine that 3 times as many people and 4 times more pomp and circumstance…I know, I need to post some pics up, they are comingI will have to break down later all the places I visited on my night time strollAu revoir

Ok, I know that I was a little perturbed, upset and disbelieving of what I saw in of Paris. I was viewing Paris through those cracked eyeglasses. I mean a lot of the “French” that I have met or ran across just seem to have this superiority complex like they are so much better than us Americans.

When I saw homeless sleeping on one of the most famous avenues in all of Paris, I was like damn!! I thought they might at least try to hide their homeless in the more rough parts of town aka Homeless Relocation project( When I was Aurora , Colorado, I saw something very similar; picking up homeless and making them be homeless in other areas of town). This is not to say I don’t sympathize with the plight of the homeless, shit I was a homeless runaway and an adult as well but I was just like damn French man don’t turn your nose up a me, yall shit aint no better than our shyt~~~

At least where I am from, they keep the crack heads, drunks, druggie and homeless up and around MLK Boulevard.  While I am on the subject, why is that? Why take the roughest, the most gully, ghetto-ist Street in my town and name that shyt after one of the greatest men of our time. You know if they wanted to honor Dr. King with a street they could have name International Speedway or Nova Road, or A1A, name those after MLK.

Damn, my bad, my bad, I forgot what the main reason for writing this in the 1st place. I already been told that my writings have taken a little negative light, must be watching to much Boondocks or  I just get tired of people always trying to serve me up some shyt and calling it filet steak and herb butter!! Ok, I will regroup start over…my bad



My little Hemmingway among

Chic’ chairs and the svelte hostess

Gardenias! I hate that smell

She offers me a drink I think


I am happy with my missing gloves

And my pink flower on the rocks

Eww!! My fingertips bleed black

Smudging up my creativity 

The Champ de Elysees is as beautiful as they say

Paris smells

Of the same stuff of my hood 

Essence of hope

With the flavour of reality and despair

 That homeless guy sleeps


Sleeps on the avenue of riches

Screw Hugo; Cartier, and Vutton

Yall aint shyt to me 

Paris smells of warm bread

and Hungry souls

Paris smells of the same stuff

Of my hood 

The Champ de Elysees is as beautiful as they say

Tequila burns

Raw on the throat

Inhaling cigar smoke

Leaving tales woven

Between oxygen and alcohol

Sleep won’t come easy

Not with out some Tylenol Pm

To hasten the dance

Scratching my head

Wondering about the 20.00 dollar

Club sandwich, I sucked down

Thinking if I can steal the bear

From the mini bar

Well everyone, welcome to 2008. It actually looks to be a year. I am all late with my holiday wishes and stuff but rest assured, I have a great excuse.

I am in gay parie… Paris fools, I mean I am not gay; not saying paris is gay ummm nevermind but as you read this I am typing fro, a excellent 20 star hotel and the service is wondeful. If I could live in Paris, I would live in this hotel

Pictures will follow no doubt. I did not bring the a laptop so I am using the hotel pay to surf computer and beside the keyboard being set up in french style, I have to constantly go back and retype because the q is were the a should be and the m is somewhere else….

I did some sightseeing but I am trying to go to a cafe where I can actually feel like a writer and drink some coffee and write in my journal

its about 835 pm and I got reservations for Chez Andre and I dont wanna be late, I will post some of my scribblings of my time on the tour bus

until then I am out like Chirac

yall need to brush up on yall world events